Find friends based on personality, not selfies.

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Making friends today is difficult

But it doesn't have to be...

Meeting new people is more challenging today than ever. We're lonely, whether it be from isolation or bad friends.

How do we make friends with a purpose?

Deeper friendships are formed when we focus on shared interests and personality AKA the person.

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  • Personality First

    No photos are shown, and you're only given the option once there's a successful match.

  • Not just to find a BFF

    On Hudello, you can find your new BFF and create a friend group of up to four others with mutual matching!

  • Expiring Chats

    Your first chat with each match expires after a few days. During that time, you're given the opportunity to decide if this really is a great match!

  • experience

    After you've chatted with your match and your chat expires. It's time to rate the experience (not the person), and if everyone enjoyed the experience, you've got a new friend.